Reflecting on Annika's work, Beth Bate said: "We were struck by both the wit and maturity of Annika's show, with a confidence and playfulness with materials and narratives that really stood out. Encompassing sculpture, painting and text within her installation, she showed a remarkable ability to command the space and demand that the viewer spend time with the work. We are really looking forward to following Annika's next steps."

"gives it real bite."

Eoin Dara on Annika's installation: "This work has a wonderfully generous and playful feel to it, but you get the sense that this is backed up with serious intent which gives it real bite.
For such a young artist, Annika has a very sophisticated understanding of materials and objects, bending and shaping them to her will whilst also confidently using language and words to inject smart humour and quiet pathos into the work. 

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